Official Launch of Jasmine’s Royal PusaGold Traditional Basmathi Rice

Jasmine officially announced the launch of Royal PusaGold Traditional Basmathi rice, which is processed in the traditional Indian way and goes through an aging process of about a year. After cooking, it elongates to almost twice the length of the original grain size and has a fluffy, light-feel that come with a natural aroma.

Due to its natural taste and aroma, Royal PusaGold appeals to the Asian palate and goes well with their cuisine. The light and fluffy features of Royal PusaGold also make the dining experience more enjoyable. This specially selected variety is  known as the ‘Fragrant One’ and was the staple of Indian kings and Maharajahs of the past. The launch of Royal PusaGold received coverage in the various mainstream media, with links below:-

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